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I am one blessed Mama living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with my husband, my boy, and my dog. My favorite things to teach are how to grow high quality, high vibrational foods, and how to keep your household running smoothly and your family healthy using chemical free, plant-based products. I believe in every individual's right and ability to opt out of the conventional foods and products pushed on us by our culture that compromise our health and happiness. I believe in community, the wisdom of nature, and staying rooted in love.

I hold a Master's of Science degree in Sustainable Systems, I spent the last decade as a sustainable agriculture educator, and I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Nhkata Bay, Malawi, Africa). I hold a PDC (Permaculture Design Certification) and am qualified to certify others. I am from Charleston, SC, and left a piece of my heart when I moved away from the coast, but nothing compares to the ancient Appalachian Mountain Range.

I am passionate about permaculture, essential oils, biodynamic agriculture, compost, getting biology back in the soils that grow our food, and community building. I feel extremely fortunate to have been born in the US, but feel we have our work cut out for us in reclaiming the things that matter and make for a rich life.